Ukraine/Russia - Attacked By Murder Inc

Ukraine/Russia - Attacked By Murder Inc

CrossTalk: Bleeding Ukraine (ft. Graham Phillips)
Must View CTRTVideo - (CTRTYuTb - 23min59sec - May 30, 2014 - Source:  CrossTalk - RT -- A quote...."Why does the West stay indifferent to the mass killing in eastern Ukraine? Who are the people of the East? Has the revolution spent itself? And why is Nuland taking a victory lap when it comes to Ukraine? CrossTalking with Graham Phillips, David Speedie and John Robles."
Before everybody gets carried away about this Ukrainian versus Russian meme, or describing the illegally selected, Bankster imposed Junta in Kiev as a "government", let's make this perfectly clear. 

From the viewpoint of anyone who isn't Slavic, Ukrainians and Russians are for all practicable purposes, one and the same.  Historically, Russia was born in Ukraine, one could just as easily, and perhaps more accurately state that Russians are actually Ukrainians, than one could say the reverse.

They are brothers and sisters being ruthlessly played against each other by "Murder Inc"

A bunch of Euro-Kazarian, dual-Israeli-citizens, who have unleashed the PNAC Protocols, essentially ANOTHER "Jewish" inspired Holodomor massacre, upon the Ukrainian people, as they have already done throughout the Middle East in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

These hideous, blood-sucking, leeches, enjoy playing peoples off against each other, splitting them apart, to profit like demons from all the human misery, pain, death and carnage that ensues from their already publicly stated plans of mayhem and murder.

War crimes that are being carried out at the initiation of Victoria Nuland, her husband Robert Kagan, Geoffrey Pyatt, and two former Banksters who go by the names of  Arseniy Petrovych Yatsenyuk, and Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko. -- Euro-Kazarian dual-Israeli-citizens one and all.

There is no "Right Sector".  There are no "Fascists", not really. They're just a bunch of murderous clowns who get to dress up in pseudo-nazi regalia.  Victoria Nuland didn't spend five billion dollars on "democracy promotion", she spent it on creating the equivalent of al-CIA'da in Ukraine.  A violent amoral group of paid thugs, many of whom are foreign mercenaries, to create dynamic tension and as with al-CIA'da in Syria, to act as shock troops to destabilize the government. 

They're simply a wholly owned subsidiary of "Murder Inc" one which will be used to distract everyone from the real agenda, a leveraged break-apart of Ukraine to crack it open for the IMF, ECB and other Banksters  for permanent Bankster occupation, while creating sufficient friction between Russia and the EU to destroy their growing economic integration. After these pseudo-nazies have served their purpose, they'll be eliminated.

The Ukrainian/Russian people have to simply say "NO" to this sick game and their sick plans. They have to say "We will NOT be played for the amusement, or profit, of a foreign people, of a criminal consortium that squats by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea". 

"Nor will we will allow a group of foreign trained fascists to be "played" against us.  We know it's just about forcing us to use someone else's worthless fiat-script. We know it's all about imposing a foreign Bankster regime to impoverish us and our children's, children, and WE will not allow it to occur."

Once that's done, once that is understood, the arrests, speedy trials, convictions, and executions of those responsible for this blatant obvious conspiracy to tear apart another in along list of countries can quickly begin.

Then this 150 year old Bankster tradition of divide, conquer, "play-action till everyone's exhausted from the murderous strain", than pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar and "remold the society policies" can finally be halted.

Or at least suffer a significant set-back. - mpg
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